Barber of Seville (2007)


Douglas McRae
as Figaro

Martin Buckingham
as Al Maviva

James Roser
as Dr. Bartolo

Maria Okunev
as Rosina

Garry Pollack
as Basilio

Lucinda-Mirikata Deacon
as Bertha

Sam McNeill
as Fiorello

David Hidden
as Ambrogio and The Officer


Independent Theatre, Nth Sydney, 7.30pm August 9, 11, 13, 15, 17 & 2.30pm 18 matinee.

Riverside Theatres Parramatta, August 27, 29, 31 & September 1.


SmilingDouglas McRae as Figaro and Maria Okunev as Rosina

Dr BartoloMartin Buckingham as Al Maviva (disguised as Don Alonso) with Dr Bartolo

BasilGarry Pollack as Basilio and James Roser as Dr Bartolo

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Pip Runciman's Barber costume designs

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Backstage at The Independent

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Barber Backstage, Gabbies pics


Act One Scene One
The Gated community of Seville in LA – outside Dr Bartolo’s house

Famous Aussie actor and ladies’ man, Al Maviva, has seen a vision he can’t get out of his mind, the young American heiress Rosina, holidaying in Sydney with her strict guardian, ìDrî Bartolo. Al tracks Rosina back to her home in the gated community of Seville in LA but cannot find a way to meet her. He wants to keep his fame under wraps to see if Rosina truly loves him. Al pays a local, Fiorello to bring a band to serenade Rosina just before dawn. Disguised as a student called Lindoro, Al ends up serenading alone and the ìbandî demands to be paid properly for simply turning up.

Just when things are looking hopeless Figaro, Aussie hairdresser made good in LA and former PA to Al Maviva, turns up. Figaro tells Al he can hook him up with Rosina as he is now ìthe barber, hairdressr, druggist and social secretaryî to the Bartolo household. He encourages Al to serenade again, and this time Rosina answers. When they are interrupted by Rosina’s maid, Al and Figaro make a plan to get Al into the house by disguising him as a drunken soldier. Figaro is just interested in being paid!

Scene Two
Inside Dr Bartolo’s house

Rosina is confiding in her notebook as usual, writing a letter to the mysterious young stranger she has heard outside her window. She is bored and desperate to escape her controlling guardian and dreams of eloping with a handsome young man. Figaro goes to speak to Rosina but hides when interrupted by Bartolo who is searching for him, ranting that Figaro is supplying drugs to the servants ñ Bertha, who sneezes and itches, and Ambrogio who is constantly yawning.

Don Basilio arrives to tell the doctor that Al Maviva has traced them to LA. A sychophantic, evangelist singing teacher, Basilio offers to get rid of Al by ruining his reputation. Bartolo has a better plan, he will marry Rosina himself the next day. Figaro reappears and tells Rosina that he has overheard the doctor’s plan. All she wants to talk about is the handsome stranger she saw Figaro with earlier that morning. She gives Figaro the note she has written to Lindoro. Bartolo returns and counts the pages in Rosina’s notebook and, realising she has written a letter, threatens to ground her.

Al arrives in his disguise as a drunken soldier with an order to be billetted in the Bartolo house. The doctor counters with an order of exemption, and when Al tries to slip Rosina a note, a fight breaks out. Figaro tries to quieten things down, but it is too late ñ Bartolo’s nosey neighbours have called the community’s security guards. Al reveals his true identity to the Head Security Guard, bribing him to silence with a wad of cash and his precious ìOscarî statuette. Everyone is amazed that the guards refuse to arrest Lindoro and just grin at him instead.

Act Two
Inside Dr Bartolo’s house

Bartolo is still wondering why the guards didn’t arrest Lindoro when Don Alonso (Al disguised as a substitute for the supposedly ill Basilio) arrives to give Rosina her singing lesson. Bartolo agrees to the lesson under his supervision and when Rosina sings her favourite song from The Useless Precaution, Bartolo falls asleep. He is woken by Figaro who tricks him into handing over the master swipe card prior to shaving him. Figaro now has access to the back verandah for Rosina to elope with Al.

Basilio arrives and Figaro and his friends manage to convince Bartolo that Basilio really is ill and persuade him to leave. The lesson and the shaving continue but Bartolo is suspicious and chases Figaro and Al out. The doctor’s maid, Bertha is sick and tired of all the fighting and blames it on Bartolo’s delusion that Rosina could ever love him. She makes her case for the value of women over 50.

Basilio and Bartolo tell Rosina that Alonso has been paid by Al Maviva to abduct her, producing her own letter as proof. The heartbroken Rosina agrees to marry Bartolo, that night but a storm delays the return of Basilio with the celebrant. Meanwhile, Figaro and Al arrive but find Rosina furious because she thinks she has been betrayed. Al reveals his true identity as the Aussie superstar of her dreams and even Figaro finds the canoodling of the young lovers too much. Their escape route is cut off by the removal of their ladder but Figaro persuades the celebrant to marry the wrong couple. By the time Bartolo, his neighbours and guards arrive, Al and Rosina are well and truly married. The doctor realises that he has been a fool, much to the joy of Bertha.