Sponsor Pacific Opera and see your investment perform!

By sponsoring Pacific Opera you gain a competitive advantage. Pacific Opera is an investment in Australia’s creative future. By sponsoring Pacific Opera you will gain the prestige of association with Opera while supporting Australia’s stars of tomorrow.

  • Favourable media coverage and recognition as a corporate citizen concerned with emerging artists and the arts.
  • Your organisation will gain exposure in a cultural and arts activity that embraces innovation and diversity.
  • Pacific Opera is unique. The scarcity of other independent opera companies means an uncluttered market.
  • Opera is a lifestyle or interest that appeals to many of your most valued clients and potential customers. Opera audiences receive a high percentage of the highly educated AB demographic.
  • Opportunities for corporate entertainment and networking.
  • Pacific Opera is a registered cultural and not-for-profit organisation with ITEC, DGR and TCC status.

For more information contact Pamela Andrews, Operations Manager on 0409 217 191 or email pamela.andrews@pacificopera.com.au

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